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 My passion is small business, and I have great respect for the makers and doers who chart their own path.  I seek small business's that are at a crucial point, they can no longer do it all.  I assist you with growing your business and planning for the future.  Through one-on-one consulting, I act as your right-hand woman, and together, we achieve your business goals.  

 I was born and raised in Detroit, and from a very young age I had the itch to get out!  At 18 years old I had my chance and headed straight to the windy city to attend Columbia College Chicago.  Years later, with two degrees (in Journalism and Media Management) I set my sight on New York and never looked back... until I looked all the way back, back to the beginning and I moved home.  If you would have told me  that today I would not only be living, but also, thriving in Detroit, I would have laughed in your face and jumped into the nearest taxi!  But, here I am and more excited than ever to embark on the building and strengthening of this amazing city.   I drive to share what I have learned.  With more more than 7 years of experience, running several blogs and websites, building a brand and publishing a book, I am rich with knowledge.  I have experience within health, wellness, fashion, event planning, writing and media entertainment. 

  • Graphic Design,
  • Web design (Squarespace Platform and Shopify platforms)
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Business consulting
  •  Brain storming
  •  Marketing